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Published on April 17th, 2017 | by Technable


4 Things to learn about Nougat update for the Galaxy S7

4 Things to learn about Nougat update for the Galaxy S7

The Android operating system is the most popular smartphone OS in the world. Through the second quarter of 2016, it claimed more than 87 percent of the marketplace. So when Google updates the Android OS, it’s a huge deal. That’s why the recent release of Android Nougat has captivated smartphone users around the world. Here are four things to learn about the Nougat update for the Galaxy S7.

New display

New Display

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For several OS iterations, the Android display has seemed static. Sure, some changes occurred each cycle, but the overall look has remained the same. If you’re used to Marshmallow, you’ll feel a moment of confusion when you run Nougat for the first time. Google has determined that its earlier design wasn’t user-friendly enough. So, it has made a dramatic change from the previous generation.

Geometry drives some of the changes. Google has switched from pleasing circles to sharper rectangles. The new style draws the eye in a way that circles never did. Nougat also has a new color scheme that’s more vanilla in nature in a good way. The blues and greens are a thing of the past. White is the preferred color now, which is in keeping with Google’s history. The next time you use its search engine, note how much of the page is white. Colors have a precise purpose on the page, and the same is now true with the Nougat interface.

Settings Are Easier to Use

Even if you love the Android OS, you have probably muttered under your breath about the aggravating quick settings menus. They’re nested loops of options, and it takes far too long to navigate to the appropriate area. When you hit the wrong option, you feel a moment of horror, knowing that you’ll have to fight your way back to the proper screen.

Google heard your cries and moved to address the issue. The quick settings are now more convenient and intuitive. The integration is now seamless enough that you are rarely more than a couple of clicks away from your desired menu. Plus, quick toggles give you direct access to the five menus you use most, and you can customize the grid to your preferred layout of 3×3, 4×3, or 5×3. You have more control of your Samsung Galaxy S7 and it’s 5.1″ Quad HD super AMOLED screen than ever before.

Longer Battery Life

While the brand of your phone and its accompanying battery determines overall battery life, Google still wants to give the user more power. Developers understand that zombie apps are one of the reasons your phone’s battery drains too quickly.

Nougat addresses this issue with its new “put to sleep” option. Whenever you have concerns about your battery life, check the list of active apps. When you find one that you suspect is a resource hog, perform a long press to highlight the offending program. Then, select “put to sleep” to cut off its access. You’ll save battery power by taking control of your apps.

Performance Mode

Nougat provides another option to increase battery life. Its new feature, Performance Mode, offers a quartet of new presets. The idea is that you can easily switch modes depending on whether you want to run at the best video and game settings or reduce battery drainage.

High Performance maxes out the visual capabilities of your phone. It’ll display the highest resolution, 1440p, along with optimal brightness. Entertainment mode offers the same visuals along with a video enhancer and the popular UHQ upscaler audio feature. It’s the best choice when you have your phone plugged in and battery life isn’t an issue.

Normal and Game modes are similar. They both run at a display rate of 1080p, meaning that graphics resolution is 33 percent lower. They also turn Game Launcher and Game Tools on, which makes them the ideal choices for phone gamers who don’t care about the best visuals. When you want to play for a long time without charging, these are the best options.

By switching among the four Performance Mode settings, users can control the length of their battery life more efficiently.

The release of Android Nougat is an exciting time for smartphone owners. Thanks to the changes above, it’s poised to improve your user experience while greatly increasing your battery life. It’s another triumph for Google.

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