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6 Sites That Can Solve Your Common Online Problems

Most of us spend lots of time online. In fact, going online is part of our daily routine from checking Facebook updates to checking business emails. If you’re tied up with your laptop or computer and would like to make the most out of your online experience, here are some sites to help you deal with common online problems.

Picky Domains

When starting up a business, it is important to have a good domain name and a business slogan as well. One of the most common online problems is having a hard time finding that right domain name. PickyDomains helps with this problem by providing naming options and suggestions. This naming service is risk-free, and at only $50, it’s a pretty good price to find a great domain or slogan.

Thinking about how you will manage your online business without spending much? Look for a social collaboration software that rewards you with project management benefits and other perks of an efficient business tool. Bitrix24 is a corporate intranet which you can setup and use for free if you have less than 12 employees. It has fully functional CRM, planner, project and task manager, and a lot of handy features.


If you’re new to online business and trying to promote a brand, you might be having issues about professional logos. Don’t worry about designing one for your business, because there are free logo creators that you can take advantage of just like Logaster. And if you want to access extended features suceh as business cards or fax cover designs, you can opt for a monthly subscription for as low as $5 per month!

Having a difficult time finding the cheapest airfare rates and best flight deals online? JetRadar can save you! If you have already checked Expedia, Orbitz or but still not satisfied with the offers, you can use JetRadar for special and best airfare deals. It is a metasearch engine that searches through every major flight site, travel agencies and through listings of 728 individual airlines to give you reliable information that is not available to the public except through corporate airline websites and JetRadar.

If you are spending much for online shopping and would like to save more, RetailMeNot is a great online tool that can help you with that. RetailMeNot allows you to quickly search for coupons for any type of retailer. This makes it easy to get discounts without wandering all around the web looking for them.


Evernote is a free online tool for those who are busy online and tend to forget or overlook important things. This application allows quick capture and quick search so you can save your ideas, find what you are looking for online and help you remember everything. You can also use it on your phone and other digital devices. Evernote is also available for download so that you can improve your research, collaboration output, and more.

We all deal with common online problems, but the services above really do help you get past them and be more efficient and productive online. I recommend these services, but I’m sure there are many more sites out there. What are your sites or suggestions that help solve common online problems? Let us know in the comments.

This post was written by Liezl, author of Make More Money Online and owner of several other blogs related to shopping, trading card game, random reviews and more. As a blogger armed with creative ideas and weirdest imagination, she grabs every online opportunity that comes her way. Visit her site or follow her on Twitter  via @lizmoneyweb to have unlimited access to blogging tips, online earnings and SEO techniques.

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