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Benefits Of Home Automation

Benefits of home automation

We’re living in a connected world, and the term the Internet of Things (IoT) has been around for some time now. In simple terms, the phrase refers to connecting devices through the internet. Gartner predicts that by 2020 20.8 billion connected devices will link together, “talk” to one another, and perform certain tasks. This prediction extends to the home where smart home automation creates “connected homes.” Explore the following five benefits of home automation.

Advanced Home Security

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If a simple alarm system isn’t enough, enter the new age of home security. Installing advanced security systems can combine motion sensors, surveillance cameras, and automated driveway lighting and door locks. You can make these systems more sophisticated with key cards or fingerprint identification that link to your community’s police station. If anything happens while you’re away, security alerts can get sent to your mobile phone.

Improved Energy Efficiency

You may think that upgrading your home with technology is expensive but, in the long run, upgrades can save you money. Automation can greatly improve energy efficiency in the home by:

Comfort and Convenience

People who have converted to home automation will tell you that the convenience it brings is one of the best parts about living in a smart home. You can monitor many features of your home with the touch of a button, from entertainment and multimedia systems to video intercoms. Worried that you left the oven on? No need to go and check — you can switch off forgotten appliances remotely. And if you’re away on vacation, being able to remotely monitor your home from your laptop or mobile device can bring you peace of mind.

Home Accessibility

For people living with disabilities or for seniors who struggle with mobility problems, assistive technology can give them a new lease on life. Laborious tasks such as watering the garden can have automated schedules. Voice-command systems can activate door locks, open and close windows, turn lights on and off, and help operate a telephone or computer. For people with disabilities, smart automation isn’t only a cool feature to brag about to friends, but it’s also a life-changing advantage. Smart automation allows a level of functionality and independence they may not have had.

Boosts to Home Resale Value

Upgrading your home with home automation technology can increase your home’s resale value. Home automation technology is an excellent investment and a significant selling point to potential buyers, especially tech-savvy home purchasers. As the world becomes more connected, the demand for connected homes is only going to grow.

No one can deny that we’re living in the golden age of technology. While smartphones and smart TVs are impressive, smart homes will become even more and more desirable.

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