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Best Browser for Streaming Video

The best browser for streaming video is the one that gives you an uninterruptible experience while watching online movies. Video distribution methods have changed considerably due to the internet. Users are able to use the common browsers for streaming video. Your current browser may be working fine and giving you a decent time while watching movies, but there may be a better alternative available.

Majority of web browsers contain functionality necessary for streaming videos, however some come on top of others when it comes to giving you the best experience when watching a movie. There are currently four browsers that are mainly used: Internet Explorer from Windows, Google’s Chrome, open-source Firefox, Opera, and Maxthon. Each browser comes with its unique pros and cons when using it to surf the Web and watching movies. The experience while performing different functions vary and we now have a look at the best browser for streaming video.

Best browser chrome for streaming video


 Factors that affect video streaming

There are features that play a big role when it comes to streaming video and other online content, they include; which extension and add-ons a browser supports and whether it supports technologies such as Flash and Silverlight and if they are up to date. The browser speed ensures fast start up time and web navigation which will be key to the movie not experiencing delay. Thrifty memory use will keep the browser stable and prevent it from crashing. A user might also want to consider the customization of the browser like bookmark and tab managers which not only makes video streaming easier but also web browsing at large.

Many times people get frustrated when streaming movies without realising the real setback is the speed of their computer; video streaming may require more of your system’s memory compared to normal web browsing. If you are running on small memory, ensure you clear cookies and cache periodically from your browser.

Beyond these features, other factors to check for secure streaming are how the browser maintains your privacy while you are online and security of your computer and system.

 Mozilla Firefox


The newest version of Firefox has featured a major improvement in memory usage, start up speed and interface redesign. It is also easily customizable and now a user can configure the browser toolbars and change appearance. It support variety of extensions from searching movie, streaming and download while maintaining your security and privacy. Firefox can be considered to be the best browser for streaming video in an ideal situation. However other factors such as type of machine, software and network connections may affect the experience of streaming movies.

The various browser configurations and customizations may thus see another browser become the best browser for streaming video depending on what can be turned on or off and the location of the video.

Some hosting options may be customized to work best with a particular browser for streaming video and it will thus perform best if this is followed.

Google chrome

Chrome endears itself to users due to its speed and minimalist design which make it easy even for first time user. Its support for HTML5 and fast JavaScript performance makes it highly interactive, although it lags behind in graphics hardware acceleration. In matters security, it comes with Do Not Track set to off by default.

 Internet explorer 11

The latest Internet Explorer 11 is faster and more HTML5 compliant unlike its previous versions. It runs on Windows 7 and 8 but it is not supported by Vista and XP. It features tab-pinning and leading hardware acceleration and now supports WebGL and SPDY. It has Do Not Track enabled by default and the more-powerful Tracking Protection feature.


Best browser chrome for streaming video 1

Although not very popular compared to other browsers, Maxthon offers surprisingly good performance and HTML5 support. Among its feature is the ability to download video, skip through video ads, dark view option for night viewing. The browser uses Chrome and IE’s webpage rendering engines so compatibility won’t be an issue although it lags behind in graphics hardware acceleration.

Opera 24

Opera’s version uses Google’s underlying code and like the other browsers, Opera 24 has a fast speed and is HTML5 compliant. It includes a Speed Dial, which offers live tiles of information on new-tab pages. If you are streaming video on a slow internet connection, you can switch to Off-road mode to speed up connection.

The best browser for streaming video is thus dependent on many factors and other people’ experiences may help one determine the best browser to use based on all other contributing factors. The performance of the best browser for streaming video is influenced by factors such as technology, machine and operating system, customization required, internet speed and video hosting server parameters.





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