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Published on October 17th, 2014 | by Technable


Blog Writing: 5 Tips for Writing Great Articles

The internet has evolved a lot in the past few years, and so have search engines. Gone are the days when people used to visit a site even if it has very few or low quality contents. According to recent changes in Google’s algorithm, you must have high quality contents on your site if you want your blog to rank in SERP’s. SEO in today’s world is more about reader’s satisfaction than to create huge number of spammy backlinks (as it was done in the early days).

To get higher rankings in SERP’s and to attract genuine audience to your blog; you must write articles in a way that really attracts and make them stick to it. In case, you aren’t able to write them properly or have very little knowledge to write an article in a way that attracts your readers you can always hire a Content Marketing Agency. If even hiring a Content Marketing Agency doesn’t fit your pocket, you can always try to learn all these techniques by yourself.

Here are the 5 different article writing styles that really attracts readers to your blog.

First Impression is the Last Impression: Article Titles

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People are getting too busy and nobody wants to waste even a single minute of their precious time, reading some useless article. According to my personal research, bloggers lose more than 80 percent traffic through social media and search engines just because of their post titles that not so engaging. Social Networking sites like – Facebook, Twitter and StumbleUpon and more just showcases the title of your blog post and doesn’t provide a description at all.

Just think about yourself, which one would you like to read – “Google Chrome Tricks You Should Know” or “Awesome Google Chrome Tricks You probably didn’t knew”? I guess, probably the second one. So here is the place where “Post Title” becomes the most important one.


Be Yourself: Never Copy Others Writing Style

images Blog Writing: 5 Tips for Writing Great Articles

You are unique and so your writing style should be. Learning new writing techniques and implementing them is a great idea, but never go too far that you forget your own. Everyone has got their own writing style and that’s the reason why your loyal visitors visit your blog. They like you, they like your writing style, so always keep them in your mind if you are trying to copy someone else.


Proper Formatting and Images

No doubt Images speak a thousand words and a blog post with very few or no images look dull and boring. Make sure you use enough number of attractive images that are related to your blog post. Adding related images will help you to acquire better reader’s engagement.

Coming to the post formatting, before hitting the “Publish” button on your dashboard; just see a final preview of your blog post. Do not publish the post until and unless you feel that it has been properly formatted. Not only formatting, proof-read your articles one more time before publishing to make sure that it is free from any sorts of grammatical mistakes.


Learn from others: Read Authority Blogs in Your Niche

Learning from other authority blogs in your niche is a great way to learn the best articles writing style. Check out some authority blogs and see what type of contents gets the highest number of comments/views. Carefully read all the popular posts on the site and compare their articles with yours. If you are missing on anything, then try to rectify it as soon as possible. Also, don’t forget to take a close look at their post titles.


Write for Humans not for Search Engines

download Blog Writing: 5 Tips for Writing Great Articles

Who do you think is going to read your blog? You loyal readers right! So why do you need to write for search engines. Writing posts for some silly search engines with the same keywords repeated again and again won’t help you out. Keep in mind that both your loyal reader and search engines want fresh and good quality articles, keywords should be used in a blog post but in a natural way. Over-optimizing your post by repeating the same keyword will only let you lose your genuine audiences. Just take a look at ShoutMeLoud or, do they stuff posts with keywords? No! But they still rank very well in Search results.


So, these were all the different writing styles that can help you attract more loyal readers. Hope you enjoyed reading them. Do leave your comments if you have any questions or doubts.


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