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Published on October 8th, 2014 | by Technable


Chargerito. The World’s Smallest Charger

In order to make sure that we will not be plagued with drained off batteries, we carry bulky chargers in our bags but when Chargerito, a small wall charger that hopes to become the world’s smallest one becomes available, we could leave them all at home and put the little charger in our pockets and set off on trips. In case you look at the form of the new charger you will find that it is just 3.1 X 1.3 inches which is roughly equivalent to the size of a car ignition key fob.

chargerito Chargerito. The Worlds Smallest Charger

This little charger is not another external charger. It is a wall charger that is able to hold the device that is being charged securely. The advantage of using it to charge any device is that you only use very little space for the charger. Also, you never need to deal with tangling and messy wire connections as it is plugged directly onto any standard wall socket. When not in use, its two pins will go into a slot to make it a smooth cube that could easily find accommodation in your pocket.

One thing you need to remember is that being small is also not without problems for Chargerito. Since it is a small wall socket the device that is being charged has to rest on it. For a small device such as a smart phone or a tablet, this arrangement is fine as they are not heavy. However, if you are going to charge the battery of your laptop you may need to make it to rest leaning to the wall which is quite scary. In case the socket to which your charger is connected is not in a vertical position, you are going to face more problems.

Another hitch you need to negotiate is the preorder. In case you are hoping to buy one at a discounted price, you need to preorder one of these chargers paying $ 19. The manufacturers wanted a pledge for $ 50,000 but if you go by the records available, there are as many as 2617 people who have paid this amount and waiting for the product to be released. Once the product is available in the market, a buyer will be required to pay $ 39 to buy one. When you look at the present status of the project you could find that they have made a good crowd funding campaign to get started with the manufacture of the device.

When Chargerito becomes available, new customers and those who have made preorders will be able to choose from two options. One will have a micro USB plug that could be used on Android as well as some other devices and one with lightening that could be used on Apple devices. If you like a trivial detail, be informed that it also has a built in bottle opener. The device is very convenient to carry as you could use it in place of a key tag.

In order to know more details you need to wait until the little charger becomes available in the market.


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