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Published on March 4th, 2017 | by Technable


Comment: An on-watch Play Store is pointless if you never use smartwatch apps

I’ve had my LG Watch Style for a week now, and my thoughts are mostly positive. Like we said in our review, the Watch Style is Android Wear for those who want the basics done well, and I agree with that conclusion. It really is a basic watch, and it really does perform those basic functions better than any Android Wear watch I’ve tried.

But after a week of using the LG Watch Style (and Android Wear 2.0), I’ve been thinking about one thing that I haven’t seen people talk about. I never used most of the smartwatch apps on my previous Android Wear watches, and I never use most of the apps on my LG Watch Style. So what good does one of Android Wear 2.0’s biggest features — an on-watch Play Store — really do? more…

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