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Decide Which Facebook Friends See You Online & Which Don’t, The Easy Way

Facebook is great and the chat function makes it even better. However, we all have at least one “friend” who always talks to us while we’re online. Or, if you’re really unlucky, more than one friend. If you’re that unfortunate, I pity you. But thankfully there is a way to change this. And it’s easy! But, depending on your circumstances, it may not be quick. The process is made up of two parts:

  • Organize your friends with lists.
  • Decide which lists and friends can or cannot see you while online.

Organizing Your Friends Into Categories (Or Lists)

Facebook Lists are useful for many reasons. Besides just having the peace of mind that all of your contacts are categorized appropriately, you’re able to filter the content you share, create custom newsfeeds and, of course, decide who sees you online, and who doesn’t.

The process is fairly simple really, and if you have as many contacts as I do, be prepared for this to take a while. Here’s my advice – if there are specific “friends” which you don’t want to see you appearing online, create a list for them first, perhaps one that is labeled as simple as “Friends To Appear Offline To” – you can get more organized later once you’ve nipped the problem in the bud.

Note that these people can still send you direct messages on Facebook and they always will be able to as long as they’re a Facebook friend. If you don’t want that either, I can’t help you with that except to say that you might want to consider restricting or unfriending them (which is an official word by the way).

So where do you go to create lists? Well Facebook doesn’t make it entirely easy to find. I actually had to go looking for it. But here is the full link. You might want to bookmark that for easy access in the future. Otherwise you can remember to scroll down the left side column, find “Friends” and click “More” next to it (which is only displayed if you hover around the “Friends” area in the sidebar). Note that “Friends” and other menu items may be hidden under a “More” option at the end of the sidebar.

Why Facebook even hides certain menu items when there’s plenty of sidebar space to list them all is beyond me. Now, this could be because I have so many items already being shown on the sidebar, so if you didn’t have to initially click “More” the first time, then great.

Now you might have noticed this, but Facebook has a few kind of lists – preset lists, smart lists and custom lists. Preset lists are lists Facebook has created for you, such as Close Friends, Acquaintances and Restricted (friends who are only able to see public posts). Smart lists are other lists Facebook has created for you and are created based on your location, where you’ve gone to school, where you’ve worked, your family members, etc. Custom lists are lists that you physically create.

All of these lists can be added to and edited manually. What’s nice is that Facebook has done some of the work for you. In fact, you may already notice that it suggests friends to add to certain lists, like “Close Friends.” Adding to friend lists is pretty simple. Simply open the list and start typing in your friends’ names or select from the suggested friends list.

Deciding Who Can See You Online & Who Can’t

There are a couple of avenues you could go about in doing this. You can either decide who specifically can’t see you online or you can decide who specifically can see you online. This just depends on the approach you want to take. Are there only a specific few people that you don’t want to talk to? If so, simply singling them out will fit your needs fine.

Or do you have a lot of friends, but only want to talk to a specific few? If the second one sounds more like you, then you might want to specify only those who can see you online.

Remember that if you have a friend in two (or more) lists and only one of those lists is forbidden from seeing you online, that friend who’s in both lists can still see you. This can work both for and against you, but as long as you remember that and plan accordingly, you’ll be okay.

Personally, I only allow two groups of friends to see me online – “Awesome People” and “Close Friends“.  Everyone else can send me a message. That said, I do keep these lists updated and add to them occasionally.

And of course, there’s always the option to completely appear offline to everyone, which is a really fast quick fix, but doesn’t necessarily solve the problem while allowing you to still use the Facebook chat feature.


Really, the process is pretty simple. I didn’t go a whole lot into other methods and benefits of using your Facebook lists, but I encourage you to try them out.

Here are some other very useful Facebook tips that we’ve covered in previous articles:

What do you prefer to do? Turn off the whole chat function or customize your friends lists, which have more than one benefit.

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