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Published on October 29th, 2014 | by Technable


Download Complete Websites, Web pages and News to Read them Offline

There is no limit to development of technology. Reading contents of websites is only possible when you are online. However, there is the possibility of saving web pages in order to read them offline. But can you imagine saving a website with all its features and navigate it while you are offline? This is exactly what a tool called HTTrack does. One of its most important features is that it comes in two versions. One supports windows based operating systems and the other one is for computers based on Linux, UNIX and BSD operating systems.

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This software is able to help those who are not connected to internet all the time to download complete websites and navigate them the same way when they do while connected to internet even if they are in remote locations with no access to internet. However, if you are a user of a Mac based computer, you will not be able to use this software. Instead, you could use SiteSucker which is considered a better package of software than HTTrack. When you use HTTrack you have the option to update your already downloaded websites and to continue and finish an interrupted download. This beautiful piece of software will not cost you anything as it is an open source tool.

httrack Download Complete Websites, Web pages and News to Read them Offline

When your need is to download a single webpage the possibility for you to use the save as option available in your browser. But in case you use Pocket or Evernote you could do the same job better. Irrespective of whether the pages carry video, pictures or text, you could download them and use them offline. Both these apps are able to carry out a perfect job. Therefore, you have the option to choose one depending on your personal preference. Both are highly useful packages of software for those who are not connected to the internet all the time.

Often, internet users look for latest news in order to be up to date with what is happening around the globe. For such people, finding news and being able download complete websites is the most important thing an app could do. Caliber and NewstoEbook are two of the apps that could do that. Finding and downloading the latest news is simple when you have either of these two apps installed in your computer. In case you need to pay a website to access the news it has on offer, you can do that also with the use of Caliber.

Both Windows and Mac operating systems are able to enhance their performance to new areas with these apps. Even other operating systems have the capability to use them. While these apps also boost the popularity of operating systems they help web surfers a lot by offering them facilities to download entire websites, web pages and news.  Though these simple apps could do wonders they come to you free of charge. Therefore, you have ample opportunity to use them at will. However, you need to sign up with their sites in order to use them to do your downloads.


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