Published on November 2nd, 2012 | by Technable


Google Drive now shares seamlessly to Google+


Until now, Google Drive and Google+ have both been services that make sharing easy, but in very different and separate ways. Now the two services have become more closely linked, with Google Drive adding the option to share nearly anything directly to Google+.

There is nothing complicated about this new feature. You don’t even have to manually add a link in Google+. Simply click the share button in Google Drive, and alongside the pre-existing options like Gmail and Twitter, you’ll now see an option to share the given document with Google+.

This isn’t only limited to sharing text documents either. Any content you share can be accessed directly from the Google+ stream. People will be able to browse PDF files, watch videos, and navigate through entire presentations, all without having to ever leave Google+.

The only time the process isn’t entirely seamless is for users of the Google+ app. These users will see a link that will open the shared document in Google Drive. It’s possible that the Google+ app may be updated to allow viewing at least some Google Drive content, but there is no word on that so far.

While it may not be completely transparent for mobile users, the entire process is nearly invisible to anyone accessing Google+ from a browser. We’re sure that some users will find interesting uses for this in the future.

Have you tried this new sharing feature yet? What are some interesting ways you could see yourself using the new sharing options?

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