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Published on June 7th, 2017 | by Technable


Great Gadgets to keep your House cleaner

Great Gadgets to keep your House cleaner


Robot maids wearing aprons are not part of our reality yet, but the tech field hasn’t forgotten about housework completely. Plenty of gadgets that clean and declutter your home are becoming commonplace. Here are some of the best devices to own right now.

Self-Driving Vacuums


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Robot vacuums aren’t new, but they’ve come a long way. Early adopters of this technology were often disappointed, citing struggles with pet hair, rugs, and household furnishings. But the devices have come a long way. Today’s models are much more powerful and easier to clean and operate. Some models create maps of your home, and others include wet mopping and spot-cleaning functions.

Cordless Vacuums

If the surfaces or layout in your house prevents you from being able to use a robot vacuum cleaner — or if you just like to do things by hand sometimes — consider a cordless vacuum. This technology seems strangely late in arriving since cord management has always been one of the most frustrating aspects of vacuuming.

Window-Cleaning Robot

If you have lots of glass in your home, or hard-to-reach upstairs windows, you’ll appreciate this gizmo. Window robots come in a variety of styles and price ranges. Some have vacuum and mopping functions, while others can be used on hard surfaces like wood or tile as well as glass.

Air Purifiers

If you battle with allergies or worry about indoor pollutants, an air purifier might bring you peace of mind. Consumer Reports warns, though, that you should examine the sources of indoor pollution first. Vacuum often, don’t smoke in the house, and minimize the use of candles and wood fires indoors. Also be sure to keep your indoor air healthy by changing your HVAC filter often, having your ducts regularly cleaned, and maintaining your air conditioning and heating systems.

UV Sanitizing Wands

If you’re looking for the most high-tech way to kill germs around the house, consider a UV sanitizing wand. These hand-held devices use ultraviolet light to destroy germs on surfaces. In hospitals, UV light is used to kill remaining germs after swabbing surfaces with hydrogen peroxide, bleach, or alcohol, and this is the best way to use UV wands at home as well.

Smart Trash Cans

Why should your trash disposal process be left out of the tech revolution? Smart trash cans are on their way. The Zera Food Recycler from Whirlpool can compost your leftovers into fertilizer at the push of a button and can even be operated remotely through an app. The GeniCan takes a different approach to trash, using barcodes and voice recognition technology to create a grocery list based on whatever you’ve just used up. The GeniCan is a small device that can be attached to any existing trash can.

Bringing your housework into the twenty-first century is a fun way to include robots and gadgets in your daily life, but these devices aren’t just toys. They can genuinely reduce your workload, keep you and your family healthier, and help you enjoy more free time each week.

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