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Hearthstone’s New Frozen Throne Expansion Adds Free Single-Player Missions, 135 Cards

As promised, Hearthstone‘s next expansion has been announced, and this one’s theme centers around the Lich King and Northrend. Entitled Knights of the Frozen Throne, it introduces a ton of new cards and some free single-player content.

In terms of cards, there will be 135 new ones in all. These include those that have a new keyword, Lifesteal, which heals players based on the damage that it does. There are now also something called Legendary Hero cards. When played, these replace your character with a modified Death Knight version, which comes equipped with a new ability and look.

One such card is the six-mana Deathstalker Rexxar; it provides you with five armor and has a Battlecry that deals two damage to all enemy minions. It also converts his Hero power to Build-a-Beast. This allows you to “craft a custom Zombeast” card by choosing a pair of cards from two sets of three.

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Counting Deathstalker Rexxar, a total of five cards from the expansion have been revealed so far. You can see these (along with the new gameboard) in the gallery below; a pair of them come equipped with the new Lifesteal keyword.

Beyond all this, Knights of the Frozen Throne also features a single-player component, which the most recent expansion, Journey to Un’Goro, did not. Starting this year, Blizzard modified the way in which new expansions and single-player Adventures are rolled out, and you can see that in play here: Knights of the Frozen Throne comes with a set of free missions, including a prologue, two wings of three boss fights each, and a final a battle against the Lich King. Completing the prologue will net you a random Legendary Hero card, while finishing each wing will also get you a card from the expansion. If you make your way through everything, you’ll also obtain a card pack.

Knights of the Frozen Throne launches sometime in August. As with past expansions, a special, one-time pre-order offer is available where you can purchase 50 card packs for $ 50. Doing so also gets you a special card back, pictured above along with some new artwork.

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