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Published on May 1st, 2017 | by Technable


How to Achieve a Better ROI by Boosting Agency Productivity

How to Achieve a Better ROI by Boosting Agency Productivity

Every marketing and PR agency has to spend time coming up with creative ideas for their clients. On the other side of the coin, productive implementation is how we deliver these ideas to help benefit our client’s ROI and make it better.

Your ideas can be phenomenal, you SEO strategies may be on point, but if you aren’t implementing them in a productive way, they aren’t really going to be worth much. In fact, they’re going to be a hindrance to your clients if you can’t turn marketing ideas into creative advertising.

To help increase the productivity of your agency and create a better ROI for your clients, please consider the processes that we are about to share with you below.

If you can make these changes to your agency’s daily workflow, you’ll be able to help more clients by doing better work and creating a better return on investment with your services.

The Client Information Gathering Phase

In order for your marketing and PR agency to put forth their best work, they need to take some time to get to know the ins and outs of each client’s business. This is a vital to the success of any marketing campaign.

During the information gathering phase, it’s best that the entire team meet with the client before beginning any marketing work.

By having everyone meet at the same time, you’ll have more people involved in the conversation, which will lead to more and better questions, which will ultimately help you improve their marketing campaign overall.

After information gathering and questioning is complete, have one or more team members compile everything and then create a summary of campaign notes that the client approved.

Delegating Client Work Correctly

Within any marketing agency, certain people on the team know how to get things done better than others. So it’s important that you delegate tasks correctly so that the most talented people are working on aspects of the campaign that they excel at.

When a team runs like a well-oiled machine, project coordinators and managers will have properly assigned tasks for everyone to take care of, they’ll set deadlines, and make sure they don’t go overboard with longer than 40 hours work weeks.

And if there is any coding involved, it’s always wise to use the best error monitoring tools to get the job done.

Proper assignment delegation is the key to success for every agency. Make sure the right people are handling the right tasks. This way the work is done in a timely manner by the best people for the job.

Keeping Organized

Having an organizational process in place will certainly help you improve client ROI.

And we’re not just talking about organizing your physical space, although that is certainly important too.

You have to focus on organizing your digital space as well.

If you let your computer desktop and other active folders get too cluttered, you’ll have a difficult time focusing on the important tasks because you’ll be so distracted by the huge mess.

So, take some time to clean up your work environment before beginning a new important client project.

You’ll have a much easier time focusing after your physical and digital space is clean. And you’ll avoid making stupid yet significant mistakes that could ultimately hurt client ROI.

Take some time to get your physical desk organized. And when that’s done, organize your computer desktop, email, and other cluttered areas.

Don’t just do this once and forget about it. Make an effort to keep on top of it and schedule regular times to clean things up so that you never experience disorganization again.


It will take time to boost productivity numbers in your agency. But if you follow the guidelines shared today, it will eventually happen sooner rather than later.


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