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Published on June 12th, 2017 | by Technable


How to Choose The Perfect Domain Name

How to Choose The Perfect Domain Name

The ease and convenience that a good domain name provides allows for a constant flow of traffic. Modern web users are conditioned to expect all aspects of a site visit to be simple, straightforward and time-efficient. Following are several ways to know when you’ve found the perfect domain name for your growing brand.


  1. It’s Easy To Type

Try not to be too descriptive when choosing your domain name. Instead, pick something that’s easy to key in. If your ideal domain currently sounds like a run-on sentence, find a way to convey your message with fewer and shorter words.


  1. No One else Is Currently Using A Similar Domain Name To Sell Similar Services

One large part of choosing a domain name is competitor research. If you make the mistake of choosing one that’s too close to something that your competitors are already using, you could run into legal troubles. Not only will this lead to unnecessary and wholly preventable legal costs, but it can also result in the loss of your domain and the need to start the entire process over again, from the very beginning. Also, be sure to check the history of a domain name before spending any money or completing your domain name registration. After all, you don’t want to start building your brand with a domain that’s already associated with an ill-reputed company.


  1. You Can Secure Multiple Domains At A Reasonable Cost

You’ll want to protect your domain name and your brand identity by purchasing multiple versions of your domain name that are misspelled and various domain extensions. This way, even when people make mistakes while typing your address in, they’ll still end up on your pages. Thus, not only should you consider the short and long-term costs of the domain you really want, but you should also account for the additional expense of securing these secondary designations.


  1. People Can Remember The Domain Easily

Ask several friends or family members whether or not specific domain names seem like intuitive choices. Certain inclusions can be problematic, such as the insertion of hyphens and numbers. With numbers, potential visitors may have a hard time determining whether you’ve used numerals or actually spelled numbers out. There’s also the prospect of having hyphens be misplaced. The best choice is to always choose a domain in which everything runs together and there are no numerals or special characters to cause confusion.


  1. The Domain Can Be Easily Associated With What You Do

One way to ensure that people will always remember your domain name is by choosing one that can be easily associated with the products you provide or the services you currently offer. Keeping things simple and straightforward might not feel like the best idea when adrift in a sea of competitors, but when it comes to your web address, this is one of the best decisions you can make. If consumers can’t recall the names of other companies in your niche, they’ll likely key in the specific things that they need. With the right domain name, you can be sure that your site is listed at the top of the resulting search results pages, which is a great way to garner attention as a newcomer, even when you’re operating in a highly competitive niche.

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