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How to Download YouTube Videos For Free

If you are a video enthusiast, you may want to download YouTube videos in high quality format for later use. YouTube provides its users with a chance to watch free videos on any topic. Sadly the website doesn’t offer the feature of downloading the videos and watch them offline. Below are some of the tips on how you can download YouTube videos for free onto your computer or wireless device.

Websites used to download YouTube videos for free

A number of websites allow users to redirect a Youtube video and download it through them. To access this feature, you need to copy the link of the Youtube video. Open the Youtube video that you want to download and press CTRL+L on your keyboard. The link in the address bar will be highlighted by this command. Press CTRL+C to copy the text from the address bar and open the video downloader website. Paste the link in their download box and click on the download YouTube video option to save the video on your computer. One can also use the copy and paste options with the mouse.

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A few recommended sites where one can download YouTube videos are highlighted below.

Keepvid Video Downloader

Keepvid is a popular free web application through which you can download YouTube videos. To download the video, copy its link and paste it in the textbox provided on the page-top of the site. Click on the Download button right next to the box and your video will be saved on your computer. The downloading time depends on your internet connection and the quality of the video. The website has no limits allows you to download YouTube videos easily.


Videograbber is another useful website where one can download YouTube videos for free. You can use it to grab any online video and save it to your PC. All you have to do is paste the video link in its textbox and click on the “Grab it” button. The video will be automatically downloaded. You can also save a desktop version of this app to download your favorite videos from their Youtube link. It allows you to download HD videos without any hassle. The app is free and doesn’t require membership of any kind.


SaveDeo is another helpful site for downloading Youtube videos. The process is same as for Keepvid and Videograbber. You can just copy the link on the site and click on Download to get the video. The website has access to unlimited download links for videos and can download MP4, FLV, 3GP and WebM versions of the video depending on your choice.

Direct Download YouTube Videos

If you find it time consuming to copy-paste the URL to download YouTube videos, you can use some direct methods to grab a copy of the video. Some easy methods are as follows.

Deturl the Video

Open the video that you want to download from Youtube and click on the URL. Add ‘’ between “http://” and the video URL. Press enter after this and a dialog box will open to save the video. Select the video destination and click on save to get the video. This provides an easy and fast way to download YouTube videos without having to go to other websites.

 PWN Download

Open the video link of your choice and replace ‘http: //www.’ with PWN. Refresh the tab and it will find downloading links for you. Click on save and grab your copy of the video!
When you want to download a YouTube video, ensure that you get the link to a version that is compatible with your computer. If you don’t have an FLV player or flash prayer, choose the MP4 option when downloading so that you can easily play the video on your PC. To get a high quality video, choose the 720p or 1080p option in the video link to get higher resolution. This way you can enjoy high quality videos on your laptop later without any internet connection.


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