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Published on October 15th, 2014 | by Technable


How to Easily Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

Windows 7 300x298 How to Easily Downgrade Windows 8 to Windows 7

If you have purchased a new computer that is pre installed with Windows 8 you have the option to downgrade it to windows 7 and it is an easy process. Many people who buy new computers do this because the user interface of Windows 7 is easier to use than that of Windows 8. In order to do this you need to have a copy of Windows 7 which has not been used before to install the operating system. In case your copy of windows 7 has already been used, still you could do the installation with it after contacting customer care department of Microsoft manually.

The Windows 8 operating system preinstalled in computers is called the Windows 8 Pro. This is the only operating system that could be downgraded to Windows 7. In case your computer has a different operating system you need to purchase a retail copy of the new operating system and start the process. When you do the downgrading there is no need to uninstall your Windows 8 operating system. Therefore, your downgrading will look like a fresh installation of the older Windows 7 operating system. You only need to follow onscreen instructions in order to do that.

When you do the downgrading you need to provide the product key of your installation CD. Even if this CD is an already used one, there is no need to purchase a new copy as you could use the already used product key. When you are going to do the downgrading, the first step is to start your computer that needs to be downgraded. The next thing is to go to BIOS set up and set the computer to start from the CD. Once this is done save those settings and do the rebooting of the computer.

Now you could start downgrading by following the steps normally followed with a new installation. Therefore, insert your bootable disc in your disc drive and wait for the instructions. The computer will tell you to press any key to start Windows from the CD. Press any key you like when you are prompted to do so. Now the install Windows box will appear and you must click next. The next box will appear and click on install Windows now. Afterwards, it is a case of following onscreen instructions until the process of downgrading is completed. Finally, the computer will restart and the process will be completed.

Since a lot of computer users downgrade their computers from Windows 8 to Windows 7 there are many helpful online resources on the subject. Even videos that show the process from start to finish are available. Therefore, whenever you happen to face a problem while doing your downgrading, you could go online with another computer and get help. Once you complete your downgrade you could use your computer and there will be no hiccups with your old operating system installed anew. All the functionalities of Windows 7 will be there with no difference despite your downgrading looks like a new installation.


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