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How to Sync Android Contact Images from Facebook Easily

All the predecessors of Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) could sync contact images from Facebook integrated by default, and one would not have to use any external app to perform the sync. In ICS however, Google acted a bit smart, or I must say foolish, that it ripped the feature to promote the use of Google+. But to be frank most of us still have all our friends on Facebook and would love to sync the images of friends from there.

The official Facebook app for Android provides the option to sync the online contacts with the one matching the contacts on the phone but most of us have the habit of storing our friends with their nick names, and that’s where the app fails. If the name of the contacts did not match, Facebook for Android does not even give a chance to manually link the contact. Moreover, there’s no choice to choose the image size and quality.

SyncMyPix is an interesting app for Android that simply syncs photos of all your contact images that matches your friends on Facebook but also gives you the option to manually link contacts. When the friend’s name on your contact list does not match to the name on Facebook, you can link them up manually and sync the images.

sync my pix

After you download and install the app, run it. To get started simply press the Sync button on the app. The app will first ask you to login to Facebook and grant the app permission to read your Facebook data. Having done that the app will start the sync process automatically. IT will try to match the name and automatically sync the data to your phone.


When the initial sync is completed the app will give you the log of all the details it matched and which one of the Facebook friends it was not able to map. Now you can manually link the data for the contacts it was not able to match, but you know that they are there you contact list but with a different nickname.

Syncmypic for android (1)

Sync advanced settings

You can explorer the app settings to take care of some advanced options.

The app is very simple in approach and is one of the best free app you will find in the market. Do try it out on your Android today and make your contact listing rich. If you know of a better app that can help with the same don’t forget to talk about it in the comments.

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