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Published on March 22nd, 2017 | by Technable


How your android can offer you the best credit protection services

How your android can offer you the best credit protection services

I am a self-confessed technology freak. I could sit there all day and play with my tech, especially my cell phones; they are basically what I had dreamed of growing up in the era of Star Trek, the Next Generation. Handheld computers, touch screen and voice command, beautiful light yet powerful technology that brings the world to your fingertips. As a freelancer, I find my android efficient and reliable. Always ready to help me through my days work, offer me my news and give my tired brain a break from work with some gaming entertainment. However, these tools are only as good as you treat them – having the very best security features is often overlooked. When it comes to our PC’s and laptops, our brains are immediately trained to purchase or download a security app to keep us safe – as we all know the dangers that lurk with an unprotected PC. However, on our androids, it isn’t usually the very first thing we think of. Perhaps it’s because we still few them simply as phones, but fail to register the fact that they are prone to the same dangers as our PCs and laptops. There are countless apps that we have available, for anything we can possible need – from security apps to games, photo enhancers and credit protection services.

I use my phone to issue payments for a varietyof things, and the one thing I make sure I have on my android is a good security app. I try to be as careful as possible when submitting any credit card details online, usually through secure services and platforms that are well known for payments. However sometimes when you are overworked you might hastily make an exception and give away your bank details through email or another social media platform. That can be really dangerous, no matter what level of security you have implemented on your phone. There are many sneaky ways that hackers or scammers can access your phone and its contents, one of them quite easily is through open WIFI networks. Whatever the security threat is, you should never feel like your personal information is at risk. That’s why you can and should use your phone to check your options on credit protection services – that will help you remain safe and without worry while you go about your daily business. Working from home or an office of the coffee shop shouldn’t have to worry and wonder if someone is using your credit card without your knowledge, or opening up new loans or overdrafts on your name. I had no idea that they could do this just by accessing my phone, but sadly, it turns out that they can.

What are credit protection services?

Everyone who uses their credit card often should have credit protection services available to them. They basically offer you the ability to check on your credit cards and accounts 24/7 and alert you of any suspicious or new activity to your accounts. They keep track of your spending and your finances while keeping you safe from any fraud.

How can your cell phone help?

It is as easy as downloading an app, but as important is as using a firewall on your PC. You shouldn’t be without one as fraud is everywhere. Did you know that scammers can not only use your phone to gather credit card information, but also open new loans, overdrafts or issue new cards all in your name? Its frighteningly simple for them to do, and before you know it, you are lugged with someone else’s debt, in your name! Feeling stressed just reading this? Yeah, I was too, when I found out the hard way. Now there’s no way I would be without my credit protection services, as I use my credit card daily to pay my bills and when I cooperate with other freelancers, I pay them either through credit card or using my online banking account. I don’t want to feel left open to these people, so I do the best I can to keep my head clear and in the game – by having the right apps on the most important of my tools, my cell phone.

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