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Know How to Recover Lost Excel VBA Password Instantly

How to recover forgotten VBA password is one of the most asked query in Forums. So in this article I am going to show you different methods to retrieve Excel VBA password.

VBA Macros in Excel is used to automate frequently performed tasks and to perform complicated tasks like: inserting text string, creating custom menu, making add-ins etc.

Users Query

“I have an old Excel VBA file which is protected with password and due to lack of documentation the password of that file is unknown. Can anybody suggest me any method to remove forgotten VBA password from Microsoft Excel.”

“My boss told me to update some macros in MS Excel 2007 but the macro file is locked and the bad news is that nobody knows the password of that macro file. So I want to recover lost password from that excel VBA file. Can someone have any solution to do that in less time.”

Methods to retrieve Excel VBA Password

Using Hex Editor

“Before starting Excel VBA password removal process take the backup of your Excel workbook.”

    1. Download and launch Hex Editor on your system.
    2. Open password protected VBA file in Hex Editor as shown in image below.


    1. In Hex Editor search for DPB=


    1. Now replace DBP= with DBX= as shown below.


    1. Save the file and close Hex Editor.
    2. Now open file in Microsoft Excel. When you open the workbook you will receive a message, click Yes to proceed.


    1. After that you may get an error message (as shown in the image below) Click on OK button.


    1. Now in Visual Basic Editor go to View > Project Explorer, right click on VBA Project and then select VBAProject Properties.


    1. VBAProject – Project Properties window will open. Click on Protection tab and uncheck Lock project for viewing and clear password.


Using VBA Password Remover Tool

You can also take the help of third party tool to recover lost Excel VBA password. One such tool available in the market is VBA password recovery which allow users to retrieve lost and forgotten password of their Excel VBA file. With the help of this tool users can remove password of any length and the password created with combination of character, number, alphabet are also recovered by this tool. The software is compatible with MS Excel 2007, 2003, 200 0 and all the below versions and can be installed on Windows 8 and all the earlier versions of Windows Operating System.

Know How to Retrieve Excel VBA Password Using this Tool

    • Open VBA password remover tool and click on Browse button to add password protected VBA file to the software.


    • Once the file is added to the tool, it will remove the password and show you the successful message (as shown in the image below).


    • Now in the next window you can see the new password of your Excel VBA file which is automatically generated by the tool.



In this article I have showed you how to recover lost Excel vba password using Hex Editor and VBA password remover tool. After performing the above mentioned steps you will be able to access your Excel VBA file again.

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