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Learn How to Save Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive Effectively

There was a time when Yahoo was a preferable email application. It provides best email and newsgroup services at the same time. But nowadays, due to the downfall in Yahoo, people are worried about their important data in Yahoo mails. They are either taking backup and save Yahoo mail to hard drive or migrated to any other email applications. You should know about the right time when you need to download Yahoo email folders to computer or migrate to some other email platform. Once a user asked:

“Hey! Due to the degrading performance of Yahoo mail, I am getting issues in accessing my thousands of emails. I want a solution through which I can backup Yahoo mail to hard drive as a backup for future use. Please suggest easy methods to do so!”

What is the Need of Backing up Yahoo Mail?

There are some drawbacks in Yahoo mail that makes a user to backup the data from Yahoo mail to desktop. Some are listed:

  • Yahoo is a web-based email service which stores all the data on cloud. There is no control to access the cloud data if there is any malfunction happening to the server. If a user has backed up the data, then also he can access his data even if there is any issue on the server.
  • Web-based email services do not actually provide any backup facilities. You can select single message and save Yahoo mail to hard drive, but in case of bulk emails, this method fails.
  • There is a possibility that a user cannot access his data if the application is hacked or infected by any virus. At that time, your data can corrupt or you can lose your data. Therefore backup is very important at that point of time.

Solutions to Save Yahoo Mail to Hard Drive

There can be many workarounds through which you can backup Yahoo mail data to the local disk. It is important to save all the emails as a backup. Follow below steps to do so.

  • You can simply open an individual email and give the Print command to get the hard copy of the email. But it can be done with the single email at a time.
  • You can forward emails to any other email address. But then you need to have an account in any other email platform and then you can forward all your emails to that emailing account.
  • You can also copy the email and save in a word file. In this way, you can keep the data on your hard drive as a word document but this will take a lot of time as well as email formatting will change.

Limitations of Manual Approaches

There are many drawbacks of above-discussed methods while saving emails from Yahoo to local disk. Some are listed:

  • It is a time-consuming process when you copy single email message and saves to the Word file. You can lose the formatting of the email. It can take a lot of time to save a bulk number of emails in such a way.
  • In a process where you need to create a new email ID, you are indirectly migrated to another email platform. But, you can forward limited emails at a time. Again, it is a difficult task to migrate bulk data.
  • It is not possible to backup the email attachments along with emails by the following methods on your hard drive.
    For a non-technical user, some methods are difficult to perform such as migration of data from Yahoo to any other email application. Sometimes, a user may lose data when he uses Export option to migrate his mailbox data.

Another Solution to Save Yahoo Emails in Computer

Manual approaches are quite easy for saving a limited number of Yahoo emails. If you have hundreds or thousands of emails then it becomes difficult for you to save Yahoo mail to hard drive. So, you can go for automated solution for taking the backup. You can simply save all your emails on the local disk as well convert to other file formats like PST, EML, MSG and MBOX. These file formats are compatible with MS Outlook, Outlook Express, Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird. This solution will save your time as well as efforts.


In the following article, we have discussed possibilities when you need to backup Yahoo mails. You can try easy manual methods to save Yahoo mail to hard drive if you have limited number of emails to save. But in case, if you have a lot of data to save on your PC then you can go for the automated solution as mentioned. You can simply get your data on your system without any data loss. You can perform the migration process effortlessly with the help of these solutions.

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