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List of most Popular Social Networking Sites

Popular social networking sites list keeps on changing as the internet evolves. There are numerous social networking sites, some of which are very popular and known by almost all the internet users. The two most popular social networking sites are the Facebook and Twitter. These and others are used for business and social interactions by family, friends and businesses. Other uses include sharing and updates of news and happenings.

Their popularity is thus based on the number of users as well as the impact they have on society. Other social networking sites have a place in society and play a big role as highlighted below.

social networking sites

Social networking sites


Facebook, as mentioned before continues to be the most popular social networking site. With over one billion users, it spans across relationships, business, family, advertising and social networking. It is a user friendly social networking site which attracts users of all ages across the world.

Facebook users connect to their friends and other to interact and share their moments, be it issues affecting them, politics, relationships and more. Businesses and charity organizations have also been using Facebook for various communications.


Twitter takes in the second place in terms of subscription which stands at over 250 million users. After becoming a member of twitter through subscription, one is allowed to post a text message with a maximum of 140 characters. This is seen instantly by all the followers and can be shared again by retweeting, of which the followers of the person retweeting will see the message. It allows images and links to be attached and can go viral depending on the topic and the number of users who do retweet the message.

The social networking site is compatible with desktop computers, mobile phones and tablets. It is widely used to share news and other multimedia content.


Linkedln is the third largest social networking site with over 200 million users. This is more oriented words business and professional networking and caters for various niche businesses and professional bodies. It is also a great place to look for talent and most profile will have a person’s educational and professional backgrounds and work experience up to current. Other details may be the professional bodies a subscriber belongs to and other online networking groups.

The social networking site is a great and effective promotional tool for professionals


Google+ is also amongst the largest social networking sites. The social networking site, owned by the Google search giant, is quite popular and is a great site when integrated with the some other tools such as the Google apps. With an average of about 150 million users, Google+ social networking site uses a different approach and utilizes circles where people can be grouped and for selective sharing.


YouTube is in a social networking site in its own class. It is widely used to host and share online videos. Also owned by Google the social networking site is a search engine as well and usually tied to the Google account just the same ways as is the email and Google+ accounts.

YouTube revolves around Video hosting, production; video sharing, music sharing and Vlogging.

social networking sites 2



Instagram is a popular and yet another unique social networking site in which people share photos. The social networking site is use for real-time photo sharing and sometime short videos. This been done in real time, means that the photos and videos are shared while one is on the go. The sharing app works on Android, iOS, windows phone and the web. The social networking site has over 50 million monthly users.

A list of the 17 most popular social networking sites

  1. Facebook
  2. Twitter
  3. Linkedln
  4. Google+
  5. YouTube
  6. Instagram
  7. Pinterest
  8. Tumblr
  9. Vine
  10. Snapchat
  11. Reddit
  12. Flicker
  13. VK (VKontakte)
  14. DeviantArt
  15. Swarm (by Foursquare)
  16. TVtag
  17. Pheed


The social networking sites are effective communications tools used for both professional and social interactions. If used well, the social networking sites can work as marketing tools for individuals and businesses.

They also play an important role in the community and especially when passing messages that need to be communicated fast such as in emergency cases. In community communications, the social networking sites can be used to pass any message, be it general information or something that touches a particular group of people.

As much as the social networking sites are beneficial to the society, criminals have also used it on several instances to commit crime. On should thus be very careful whenever using any of the available social networking sites.


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