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Published on October 16th, 2014 | by Technable


Make Way for Apple’s iPAD 6

The Apple’s iPAD 6 is finally here, after some waiting and speculations on what to expect from this gadget also being referred to as the iPad Air 2, or New iPad Air. It is not certain what Apple will brand it though and the release date as well.
But as expected, Apple remained very discrete and silent as possible about their new creation. Keeping every detail in deep secret as ever, still, they were not as successful as they wanted it to be. There are some spotted iPad 6 dummy models showing us on what to expect somehow about the new member of the iPad family.

iPadAERO3D 300x215 Make Way for Apple’s iPAD 6

It is of high expectation that Apple will, indeed, be launching the iPad 6 on October 16, the launch may be or may not be part of that event, still, it’s 99 percent sure that it will be. Even though Apple did not disclose anything about their new iPad 6, the company has been expected to always surprise their consumers on what they are to offer freshly out of their innovative sheath.
So, what are we to expect about the next-gen iPad 6 or iPad Air 2 that may be unveiled on the said October 16 launch. Apple took into account of cutting off 0.5 mm from the iPad 6 frame, making it thinner and sleeker than the previous iPad versions. It also holds a fully laminated feature of a cover glass with a Retina LCD unit. This may sound extreme, however; in order to look insubstantial Apple has decided to get rid of the mute switch. Plus, their rear cameras increased from 5Mp to 8Mp, while the front camera, on the other hand, have been enhanced with Face Time HD.

It is also rumored that aside from the Silver and Space Gray color models, the new iPad Air 6 will be showing up on shinning shimmering gold. In addition to this, it might also contain both the Touch ID fingerprint scanner and Apple Pay features. It is also speculated to take in 2GB of RAM and a Split-screen multitasking option which will work at its best with the iOS 8. Therefore, it would be a big surprise if the iPad 6 won’t hold the Touch ID feature now that iOS 8 is a third-party developer of Apple.
The possibility of the iPad 6 to have a voice call feature will also be more likely evident since the demand on voice call capabilities present mostly on Phablets have increased. This is because consumers prefer to have a unit in hand that can work as a phone at the same time allowing them to make voice calls to different cell networks around the world.

iPhone 6 iPad 5 iPhone 6 im Sommer – iPad 5 im Herbst1 300x185 Make Way for Apple’s iPAD 6

Some redesign is also noticeable about the new iPad Air 2. The speaker grille is made larger in a single than the usual double row holes, while the microphone has been repositioned next to the rear camera orifice, the volume control buttons are also different in some aspects and for some questionable reason, there is no screen lock button.. In general, the iPad Air 2 is still a resemblance of the iPad Air 1 as expected. Another thing is that it is highly to embrace the IGZO screen technology for better and higher motion rendering feature that is best of gaming.
Honestly, Apple has not confirmed what will be the sixth-generation iPad model will be, either will it follow the progression of Apple’s iPhone series, which recently was iPhone 5s, if so, then most probably, this next-gen iPad evolution model will be named iPad 5.
Since the unit is yet, or rumored to be launched on October 16, a list of suggested features is still being requested by consumers. Having a larger screen from the current 9.7 inches diagonally entails a bigger and weighty battery that can support the power the larger screen needs. Needless to say, if it can have a bigger screen resolution, then it would be a perfect work partner and an entertainment buddy. The additional feature request would be a better Wi-Fi, a faster processor, an improved stylus support and some other audio enhancements.
Overall, the iPad 6 or iPad Air 2 will make Apple aficionados psyched and intrigued with what this new innovation has to offer. The information presented may be contained on this yet to be launched unit or may be not since it’s still up to manufacturer to keep or changed whatever they have for this next-gen iPad model. May it be outstanding, needs improvement or fail; it still depends on the consumer’s perspective.


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