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Mobile search on the rise as desktop search drops for the first time ever

Smartphones and tablets are more and more present in regular day-to-day activities, which means smart device owners are more likely to use them to perform several searches then to fire up a “regular” computer for the same purpose.

In fact, CNET points us to a new study coming from Macquarie Group which revealed that desktop search is on the decline, dropping for the first time ever (4% year over year) thanks to the increased presence of mobile devices:

ComScore data for September showed that searches declined 4 percent year over year, according to a note Macquarie sent to clients. Growth rates in search have been slowing since February, when searches were up 14 percent. The increasing number of mobile searches appears to be the biggest reason for the decline, Macquarie analysts said in their report.

Google retained the largest chunk of the search business, with 66.7% market share, while Microsoft came in second with “an all-time high of 15.9% share. Yahoo was the “big looser,” dropping 3.2 percent since last year to 3.2 percent.

However, the battle for mobile search is not over, with various players interested in capturing the attention of buyers. Google is pressed not only by Microsoft, but also by various other companies that offer results in certain niches via specific apps. Not to mention that Facebook is also seen as a potential competitor in the overall Search business.

But then again, this is why Google came up with the idea of creating its own mobile operating system and making it open source hoping that when the time comes it would have a clear advantage over competitors. That’s why Google is more interested in being number one in the mobile business by market share, not necessarily by profits, because at the end of the day Google still makes its money off search.

And it looks like that time is coming, with mobile traffic being more and more important for anybody doing business online – for example, just earlier today we found out that traffic generated by the iPhone 5 has surpassed Galaxy S3 traffic already, three weeks after the new iPhone’s launch. By the end of the year, one third of all searches could come from mobile devices:

Consumers are warming to mobile search. By the end of the year, almost a third of Internet search traffic will come from smartphones and tablets, Macquarie said. In some categories, such as restaurant search, mobile already accounts for that share of search. And in several categories important to advertisers — electronics, beauty, finance, and autos — mobile searches are rapidly climbing, Macquarie said.

Where do you get your search results from?

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