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Monitor Your Android Performance with Bonny Box

Back in past we discussed with you all about a free tool called FreeMeter using which you can monitor all round performance of your computer at one place. The app is amazing when it comes to monitor Windows PC but nowadays a smartphone is becoming as powerful as an entry level computer, it’s become very necessary to monitor their performance as well.

So today we are going to see yet another monitoring toll using which you can monitor CPU, RAM, battery and other important stuffs, but it dedicated for your Android smartphones. Bonny Box for Android is a simple and beautiful app that can help you with the all-round monitoring of your Android. So let’s install it on the device before we proceed any further.

bonny boxdifferent meters

Once the app loads, you will see metered reading about all the vital stats of your Android. The top big meter gives you the used and free RAM of the device followed by CPU, Storage and Battery. The last is the app count that gives a count of all the user apps installed on our device. The app lets you customize your desktop, and you can long press a meter to change its looks. Clicking on these meters will open a detailed for the same. So let’s see what you can do in all these different modules.

task killer

This module lists all the currently active applications on your Android that are running in the background and consuming your device RAM. You can tap on the red cross button next to each task to close the app individually while the Kill all button will close all, but Bonny Box for you instantly.

People say that one must not use a task killer on Android, but if you really want to free up RAM to play a game, you are hardly left with a choice.

cpucpu test

The app gives you the details CPU usage for all the CPU cored in your device. If your device has a temperature sensor, it will show you the device CPU temperature as well. Moreover, you can benchmark your CPU performance.

storagesystem storage

The module lists the used and free storage capacity of the different memory available in your device. Though the app lists all the files and folders in the memory, you can only delete a file or a folder to free up some space. The tool does not come with any kind of file management feature.


The battery module gives you all the details related to your device battery. You can see its health, status, temperature and voltage in here.


The app lists all the user installed app on your device and provides a small SD card icon against the app that support aPP2SD feature. If you want you can select and uninstall app in batch from here. It’s always better than uninstalling them one by one from the device app section.

The app is an amazing piece of work to know various system details related to your device in one place. The app also gives notification and on-screen widgets so that you can have a look at the details without even opening the app. If you know of any other app that does the same task more swiftly, don’t forget to share it in the comments.

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