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New Android Wear app allows users to control a Tesla from their wrist

Apple_Watch_Android_Wear_Tesla_ELEKSlabs_2-2Software engineering firm ELEKS has today revealed a new app that will allow Android Wear users to control their Tesla car straight from their wrist. The app, the idea for which was spawned after they released an app for the Apple Watch, allows users to easily see the charge status of their car. This is such an important feature, ELEKS claims, that the developers made the Android Wear watch face for the app a charging screen.

The watch face shows the current change level, estimated driving range, and basic status of the car. The app itself takes advantage of Google’s “Suggest and Demand” principle. This idea states that an app should predict the needs of a user and supply useful information. The “demand” aspect comes only when users need something that can’t be predicted. The app is divided into four areas, including climate, car details, charge, and location. Users can do things like unlock the car, open and close the sunroof, adjust the car’s temperature, and more.

Users of the app could receive notifications for things like:

  • The car’s sunroof is open, and it’s going to rain soon. The user receives a notification with a warning and a suggestion to close sunroof remotely.
  • The car’s door is open, and the driver has left the car. The user receives a reminder that they forgot to close the door and is offered to return and close it.
  • The car is charging, but it was interrupted due to electricity issues. The user receives a notification with an offer to restart the charging and safely drive further, instead of wasting much time.

ELEKS broke down the development process in detail on its official blog. The post gives a fascinating look at the process of building for Android Wear vs. building for the Apple Watch. Check out a video demoing the app below:

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