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Philippines’ Globe Telecom to offer Galaxy Note 2 free at P2,500 per month

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Carriers around the globe are picking up the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and here’s yet another international telco that’s offering Samsung’s latest phablet. The Philippines is just about to get a taste of the Note 2 through Globe Telecom.

Now the Note 2 is actually in the country already, care of the grey market, although if you want to go the official/carrier route, you can get it from Globe Telecom for free at a contract plan of PhP 2,499 per month. Now that’s about US$ 60 per month, which comes out as reasonable, compared with US and other carriers around the globe. This plan gets you unlimited data and a consumable of PhP 1,500 per month (which can be converted into unlimited calls and SMS through registration promos).

Users can also avail of a lower monthly plan of PhP 1,799 (US$ 43) per month, although you’d have to shell out PhP 6,000 or US$ $ 146 for the Galaxy Note 2. This plan gets you unlimited data and PhP 800 consumable, which can be used towards calls, SMS or to register to unlimited services.

No word whether the data plans will support LTE speeds, though. While Globe is already supporting LTE in key cities, this requires a separate add-on plan, and the carrier usually offers a separate dongle/mobile router for LTE access.

Globe is set to release the Note 2 on October 17, 2012.

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