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Published on July 27th, 2012 | by Technable


Power8 is an Amazing Classic Start Menu Replacement for Windows 8

Now that Windows 8 is designed not only for laptops and desktops but tablets too, the good old Start Menu we used to work on no more exists. For good or for bad, depends on the user, it’s now replaced with the all-new Metro Start Screen. Some people have already adjusted themselves to the major change, but many still miss the classics.

If you are one of such users, today I am going to bring a smile on your face. Power8 is an amazing tool designed for Windows 8 that disables the Metro Start Menu and brings back the classic Start Menu we all were comfortable with. So let’s see how to install and work on Power8.

Installing Power8 is very simple. Just run the installer (please download the .msi installer) and follow the on-screen instruction to complete the setup. No need to tweak the registry or stop any services—it’s simple and easy. After the tool is installed you will see a colored bar in the left most corner of your taskbar, just like the show desktop on the right most corner. This is your Power8 menu. As the first item pinned to the taskbar takes the place of the Start Orb, developer has consolidated the orb to a bar.

start menu

We will have to take care of few things before we can start using the menu. Right-click Power8 to open a context menu and activate the options Auto Start and Block Metro Features. The auto start will make sure that the start menu automatically starts every time you boot into Windows 8 and the second option will take care that the Metro Start Screen does not come into your way while you click on the Power8 Menu.

block metro features

Having done that you can go ahead and explore the Power8 menu by clicking the Power8 bar on the taskbar. Power8 gives more or less same feeling as that of the classic start menu discontinued in Windows 7. The left-hand side contains all the programs installed on your computer with search function and the right-hand side has all the administrative options, including the simple shutdown and restart button.

power8 start menu

search programs

The app is amazingly small, low on system resources but packed with features. The transparency adds to the looks of the menu. You can open any file on your computer using the nested menus without even opening the Windows Explorer.

navigate inmenu

Do try Power8 on Windows 8 if you are already missing the classing menu of Windows 7. Although there are many other hacks and patches that bring back the good old start menu to Windows 8, there’s nothing like Power8. You just install it and forget about it.

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