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Remove Outlook Duplicate Emails Free Using PST Duplicate Remover Tool

The duplicate email messages in the Outlook makes the Outlook performance slow. However, when other method gets failed use of application plays the vital role. One such application used is Outlook PST Duplicate Remover tool. Outlook Duplicate items remover allows Outlook user to find and remove Outlook duplicate emails. It searches for duplicate items and merges all the Outlook duplicates automatically. It removes Outlook duplicates such as email duplicates, duplicate contacts and duplicate calendar events. Therefore, the following product review will give information related to Outlook duplicate remover tool. The application is reportedly pioneered in removing duplicates from MS Outlook. We will find out whether this application claims to be what it is or not.

Outlook PST Duplicate Remover Overview

  • Options are provided to the Outlook user to remove duplicates within the folders and across the folders.
  • It Provides Support for both ANSI and UNICODE file types so that the duplicates can be removed from these files.
  • Supports all Microsoft Outlook versions from 2003 to 2016 and 32 bit application is also supported.
  • To use the application Microsoft Outlook should be installed on the system by default for accessing the tool and it should be the default email client.

Analysis of PST Duplicate Remover Tool

There are many applications that are available in the market currently that remove Outlook duplicate emails. But, what makes Outlook PST file duplicate remover tool is the best out of all is listed below:

  • Options to Remove Outlook Duplicates: The application allows deleting duplicates from multiple PST files using two methods:

    • Remove duplicates from folders
    • Remove duplicates across folders
  • Creating New Storage Folder: While removing the duplicates from Outlook the User is asked to select the particular destination to save the PST files.
  • Gives the List of Files with Attributes: It allows Outlook Users to add multiple PST files at one go. Outlook User can see all the listed files in the application interface with the attributes such as file name, path of the file, duplicates of the file and the name of an item.
  • Batch Data Duplicate Removal: The application allows Outlook users in removing duplicates from multiple Outlook PST files at one go. Outlook Users can add folders that are having multiple files and the application will easily remove the duplicates from each PST file as well as folders.
  • Show Duplicate Removal Status: After the Outlook User has added the file for removing duplicates from PST file, the application will show the status of each file. Then, it also shows the status of completion after the duplicates in the file has been removed.

Available Version

The setup version used during the testing of the application was version 3.25. If you want to get the access for PST Duplicate Remover application, you can either download a trial version copy or purchase the licensed version.

The purchase version has four licenses first one is Personal, second one is Corporate, third one is Technician and fourth one is Enterprise. Outlook Users can choose the license according to the needs and requirements.

Final Verdict on PST Duplicate Remover

Outlook PST file duplicate remover is programmed to deal with duplicate Outlook emails and folders. In addition to which, it was found that the software also successfully renders restoration of duplicate files to other folders. It can easily handle multiple Outlook accounts at one time. In addition, it also lists all the files with their attributes and details. On an overall basis, the product offers features that make it a decent application specialized for removing Outlook duplicates. Thus, the software based on its testing can be rated 9.8 out of 10. The 0.2 rating is cut down, as the software is not capable of processing more than two Outlook accounts at one time. Other than that, the application is perfect to remove Outlook duplicate emails.

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