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Published on February 14th, 2015 | by Technable


Samsung Galaxy S6 Phone

Samsung Galaxy S6 phone is a sophisticated mixture of high speed processing, huge memory, a powerful camera and a long lasting battery.

The release of Samsung Galaxy S5 caused a lot of excitement among the users due to the level of optimization of the gadget. This efficient gadget has created speculation in the market towards the arrival of an even better Smartphone by Samsung. Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 phone is even rumored to be much better.

The news about the upcoming phone has been spreading in the market like fire and consumers have been waiting impatiently for the gadget. Luckily for Samsung followers, Samsung Galaxy S6 phone might be launched in the market in March 2015.

The launch of powerful Smartphones by Sony and Apple affected the sales of S4 in the market and Samsung is ready to take its position back in the Smartphone world by announcing the launch of an even better option. Customers are carefully comparing the specifications of current Samsung Smartphones with those offered by its competitors and are looking for better features and specifications.

Samsung Galaxy S6 phone

Samsung has risen back in power by utilizing the best technology at hand to equip Samsung Galaxy S6 phone with a high speed processor to stand out in the Smartphone market. The true features of Samsung Galaxy S6 phone lie in its hardware that is going to make it an irresistible gadget for tech lovers.

Samsung Galaxy S6 phone specifications

The hardware features of Samsung Galaxy S6 as presented by Samsung are better than many laptops. Samsung was not fooling around when it claimed to be building a next generation Smartphones for its users.

Samsung Galaxy S6 phone Processor

Hardware features announced so far indicate that it will use either the  or the Snapdragon Qualcom 810 64-bit one. Samsung introduced 64-bit processor in Samsung Galaxy S5 which proved to be a great step forward for the company. Upcoming Samsung Galaxy S6 will also be equipped by a high power processor, to make the Smartphone fast and efficient for both domestic and business use. A 16-core processor sounds awesome especially if it is going to be used in a Smartphone to access apps and to communicate.

Samsung Galaxy S6 phone memory

The speculated 4GB RAM of Samsung Galaxy S6 will make it the powerful phone of the day. Such high dedicated memory will make it easier for the user to switch between apps and to multitask without fearing that the phone might hang or an app might get stuck.

Samsung has played the right move by upgrading the RAM to provide a highly functional environment to the users. This 4GB RAM will make it a lot easier to roam on the internet without any apps collapsing due to overuse. Along with the RAM, the main memory of the phone has also been increased. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Smartphone will be equipped with a 128GB on-board memory to make it the ultimate to-go gadget of 2015.

Samsung Galaxy S6 phone camera

All these features combined with a 5.2” screen and 21MP ultra pixel sensor camera makes it a unique gadget for businessmen, students, photographers and all everyday users. Samsung Galaxy S6 phone will be a sophisticated amalgam of high speed processing, huge memory, a highly powerful camera and a battery to let the users use all these features without giving into the fear of low battery.

All these features sound amazing and Samsung has encompassed them all in its new Samsung Galaxy S6 phone to throw a real challenge to its rivals. These high specifications will keep the market heated for quite a while. The speculations have increased as the launch date approaches and hopefully the Samsung Galaxy S6 phone will be one of the most wanted gadgets of the year owing to its impeccable features and matchless specifications. Samsung is likely to win back the Smartphone market by this one really smart move.


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