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Scientific Reasons for Facebook Addiction

Facebook addiction is not recognized the same way as other clinical disorders. However, millions of people are hooked into the habit of checking Facebook now and then at the expense of other activities.

The social networking sites in general have opened new and convenient communication channels suitable for all aspects of life, be it social, business, professional and other interactions. Millions of people use Facebook and other sites to keep in touch with family and friends, plan events, and market their products and more. While some people have strict schedules and assigned time for social media, others suffer from Facebook addiction and cannot afford to say for a few minutes out of this most popular social networking website.

According to some studies, there are various factors that lead to Facebook addiction. We will have a quick look at some of the major reasons below.

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Factors that lead to Facebook addiction

Using Facebook as a boredom killer

Many people rush to Facebook whenever they feel bored. It is one of the convenient, easy to access and use resource for social interactions, news, games and other activities that can be used to kill boredom. Without proper control or other substitutes such as physical ways to kill boredom, one can easily get Facebook addiction and start using it more than necessary.

Facebook addiction while avoiding the ‘I am not alone’ feel

People experience loneliness from time to time whenever they haven’t had enough social interactions. This feeling is normal and the social media websites including Facebook somehow manages to fill this gap. But only if they are used in moderation, otherwise using the site as a substitute for real world connections can be harmful and have negative effects such as Facebook addiction, depression or long term loneliness in the real world.

Minimum effort required

Facebook layout and ease of use allows people to catch up and get updates with little effort. The short posts are easy to write, read and comment on. When interacting with friends, a simple update finds its way to all the friends at a single click and little effort, and one has no reason for not commenting. This makes it easy to maintain relationships and at the same time keeping people more on the Facebook so as not to miss out on anything. If not checked, one can easily fall into the Facebook addiction trap

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Fulfilling social needs digitally

According to psychologists, people look for love, belonging and affection. These are some of the ingredients of social needs that Facebook seems to address virtually, and one can easily get addicted to the Facebook when seeking ways to satisfy them. Facebook offers an easy and convenient platform where people can share love, friendships, romantic relationships, family, feel loved and other social attachments. Facebook comments and updates raise some people’s esteems, and they may keeps on getting back to see new comments on their profiles and others If not controlled the urge to see all the updates will lead to the Facebook addiction.

Facebook addition when quantifying friendship

Facebook addiction may happen to people obsessed with having as many friends as possible. The social networking lets users know the number of friends they have, and a bigger number shows that one is socially accepted and appreciated. This being a universal need, which makes people have a sense of self worth, making many social friends boosts someone’s self esteem. This can cause someone to spend many hours on Facebook while adding friends, something that could lead to Facebook addiction without knowing.

Great Way to Catch-up and get addicted to Facebook

Relationship is one of the factors that have been greatly affected by our fast paced lifestyle. Facebook helps people to still maintain relationships irrespective of the distances between them. The growth of internet and availability of smartphones and internet at workplace as well as homes provides people with an easy and convenient way to use Facebook any time and from anywhere. As much as this offers us a great way to keep in touch and updated, the trend to always connect any time one has a minute or any free time can go beyond this and lead to the one having a Facebook addiction especially if not checked and controlled in good time.


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