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Simplified Way Import Outlook Express DBX Files to Windows Live Mail

Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail – Instant Solution

dbx to eml converter t o import outlook express to Widows Live Mail

Do you want to move Outlook Express DBX files to Windows Live Mail? Have you ever tried this, but failed in your efforts? Then do not worry at all. As we have come up with an amazing method to migrate DBX to EML. However, before that, it is important to know a brief introduction of both the email clients and the reasons behind this migration.

Overview of Outlook Express and Windows Live Mail

Outlook Express is an email application, which is developed by Microsoft for performing cross-communication among the organizations or users. However, it can be accessed only on the Operating system up to Windows XP.

On the other hand, Windows Live Mail is a free email application and considered to be as the updated edition of Windows Mail and Outlook Express. It comes up with some advanced features that make the emailing task very quick and simple. Users can access this application in Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, and so on. With this email client, it is possible to view the emails, calendars, the content of the message, etc. even when the user is in offline mode. This is the reason various users that have updated their Operating system have decided to access Windows Live Mail now. Apart from this, there are some issues associated with Outlook Express that forces users to move their database.

Problems Related to Outlook Express

As we know, many users are accessing Outlook Express in Windows XP or its older version. While accessing the data in Outlook Express they have reported various issues. These problems gradually become the cause of their migration. Some of the major issues in the form of the user query are mentioned below:

  • “I am working on Outlook Express and at times, I received some emails from OE account. When I tried to open the email message, it does not respond even in Windows XP. This happens quite frequently and I do not know what the reason behind this. Therefore, I have decided to move my database from Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail. Please suggest me any relevant method for the same.
  • Yesterday, I was trying the send the emails from Outlook Express email client, but it does not permit me to do so. Moreover, I was also trying to download the attachment, but that also giving some issues. Actually, I was thinking of moving my files from a long time and these issues become the reasons for me to do so. Guide me on how to execute this task as quickly as possible.”

Now, from the above two users query, it becomes clear that users are still searching a reliable manner to convert DBX to EML. There is a manual trick in order to achieve this task. Users can opt for this manual method, but it has some limitations associated with the process of Outlook Express to EML migration.

Drawbacks of Manual Tricks to Migrate From Outlook Express to Windows Live Mail

It would not be wrong that sometimes, manual tricks fail to provide the desired results. This is because these approaches are hard to implement and complicated. Even a minor wrong step may lead to major risks such as loss of data. Now the question is how to ensure the security of the data during migration?

DBX to EML Converter is the Ultimate Solution

This software has been designed to migrate Outlook Express DBX files to Windows Live Mail in a safe and secure manner. It allows converting the emails along with the attachments. DBX to EML Converter has a quick scan option for scanning the files and after the scanning, it moves multiple DBX files to EML. This utility can even load the DBX files automatically from the machine. In addition, it has been designed with some effective features but has a very simple interface. Therefore, even a novice can access this tool. Apart from converting DBX files into EML, it has other exporting options as well.

Users just need to follow these very simple steps as mentioned below:

  • First, download and install DBX to EML Exporter on your machine
  • Now, pick the required DBX file from the system
  • Hit on Export, to begin the process of migration
  • Finally, save the converted files in any of the desired location.

The Bottom Line

Outlook Express has now become an outdated email client, which is not supported by latest editions of Windows Operating system. As a result, many users want to transfer their files from DBX to EML. Moreover, it is evident from user’s queries too. Considering the challenges they have to encounter, we have discussed an impeccable trick for users to import Outlook Express DBX files to Windows Live Mail. They can opt for manual strategies as well, but professionals recommended to use a third party tool due to limitations of manual tricks.

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