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Smartphone Features That all Users Expect

smartphone picture1 Smartphone Features That all Users Expect

From their humble beginnings smart phones have come a long way. They carry a lot of useful features that help users to carry out various tasks. However, users think that some of these features are essential to be incorporated in every smart phone. The following are some of them.

smartphone picture 300x199 Smartphone Features That all Users Expect

Front camera

This feature is available in not only a smartphone but also in some of the common regular cell phones. It helps users to hold video conferences and to use Skype to contact friends and relatives with images of their faces on display on the screen. However, the full potential of this feature is not yet utilized fully but it is an essential feature in a smartphone according to many users.

A replaceable battery

Since smartphones are used for many different tasks their battery life is a critical point for many users. Being able to replace a drained off battery with a spare one is an essential feature with a smartphone due to this reason. The user only has to carry an extra battery for this purpose. Choosing a battery with a longer life is a better option.

Additional storage capacity with a micro SD card

Most smartphone users think that the space provided with their phones may not be sufficient for them. Due to this reason, they want an expansion slot that could accommodate a micro SD card to expand the storage capacity of their phones whenever they want. However, most smartphones carry this feature even at present.

Find me functionality

Pintail is one of the new features that are being added into smartphones since of late. It enables a user to locate his phone or to share his location with others such as family members and friends. In case you lose your phone you could get it to send you a SMS giving its location. There will be a link to Google maps as well. Most users want this feature to be there with their smart phones.


Most smartphone users want to send their printable materials to remote printers and fax machines in order to print them directly off their smartphones. However, there are many third party apps that could be used for the same purpose. This feature enables smart phone users to send their pictures and documents to printers from their smartphones.

Wi-Fi Sync

Some smartphones still need that USB cable to connect them to computers. Users want to do away with it and make the connection with Wi-Fi which is very convenient. When a smartphone has this facility there is no need to connect it to a computer with a cable when it comes to transferring data.

Have a standard charger and data transfer cable

Presently, every smartphone has its proprietary connecting cables for data transfer and for charging. In case a standard one is used, all smart phones will have the same types of slots and cables will become interchangeable. This is a feature every smartphone user will love to have.

These are just a few features smart phone users want in their handsets. If you visit a relevant blog, you will find many more.


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