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So, a Giraffe walks into an Apple store…


Recently, a very viral “easter egg” of sorts was making its rounds. It seems that if you asked Google Now what a Giraffe was, or more specifically “what is a Giraffe?”, you’d get a very interesting response, one that a Google product may not want to give. The answer would start out normally enough, giving you the genus and latin name for the long-necked vegetarian. Towards the end of the animals description, the voice reading aloud would give a very Jerry Springer like revelation: the Giraffe loves the iPad! How could you, Giraffe?

Not so fast, kids! Turns out, Giraffes can’t read and have no interest in the Internet or playing games. Towards the end of the answer to your query there is supposed to be a description for the Giraffe’s coat. The word “patterned” is what throws Google Now’s TTS (text to speech) engine for a loop. The read-back stutters at that point and then tells you how much Giraffes love iPads. While reading comments on the Open Handset thread, it seems that another article may have somehow spliced itself in. Unfortunately for us, Google has fixed the hilarious bug. I assume Giraffes still love apples, just not iPads.

If the Giraffe gaffe bug fix has you bummed, don’t worry! You can currently go to Google Now and ask it “what is really good?” The response, while probably accurate for most of us, is just great. I thought we were going to leave the mothers out of this, Google. I guess I was wrong. Evidently Google thinks talking about my mom and childhood artwork is better than admitting any creature enjoys iPads. You know, I’m okay with that.

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