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The HTC One SV could come to Sprint soon, FCC docs indicate


The mid-range HTC One SV has just been released by Cricket clad in fiery red, but now it looks the Sprint customers might get to buy it too.

According to a set of FCC documents unearthed by the folks at PhoneScoop, there is an incoming HTC phone that could be the Sprint One SV. We say “could be” because there is no actual image or reference to the One SV in the documents. However, the mystery HTC device bears the PL80110 codename, which closely resemble the codename of the HTC One SV on Cricket, PL80120. HTC is known to keep its codename conventions in tight order, so the two devices should be, in theory, very similar. The final piece of the puzzle is the presence of an application for CDMA and LTE spectrum that is only used by Sprint in the US.

With that said, there’s something awkward about this phone – the physical dimensions don’t match with the Cricket One SV, and more intriguingly, there is a solitary Windows Phone reference in the documents. It would not be the first time mistakes end up in FCC documentation, so this could swing either way.

Still, the codename is a strong clue that HTC and Sprint are indeed working on a One SV variant, even if it would come with a different design. We’ll keep you posted. Meanwhile, you can learn more about the One SV specs here.

Update: the HTC One SV will probably come to Boost Mobile, as we reported back in December.

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