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Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

Social media 300x200 Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

When it comes to communication, aside from landline telephones and cell phones, social media is one of the best ways of staying connected to your loved ones, colleagues and friends located anywhere in the world. Not only will it bridge you to your friends and family, but will also keep you updated on what is happening globally, locally and within your online network communities. The social media has made it possible for people to share their thoughts and ideas with a large number of people at the same time. Apart from the private communications, companies have embraced the social media in promoting and reaching out to the millions of people who are on these online networks.

There are so many social media networks, and they keep on coming up, whereas some are localized or target a specific group of people, some like Facebook, twitter and others are open to everyone making them among the best top 10.

Following are the top Ten best social media websites in order of their member subscriptions..


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Needless to say that Facebook is the fulcrum of all social media networks and currently occupies the top spot. With over 800 million both subscribers and viewers it sure deserved to be on top of the list. Despite some flaws in advertising and disruptive feeds, which causes some delays and disgruntled moments in some apps, it maintains its number one position when it comes to traffic and its loads of fun activities suitable for all ages.


2a1c1d8 300x300 Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

Twitter occupies the second slot and is highly favored by all types of people due to its up-to-date and real time information. It is favored for breaking news, by emergency services organizations, celebrities, politicians, businesses and much more. The social media’s membership and viewership is in excess of over 250 million users.



linkedin logo 11 300x225 Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

Bordering on 200,000,000 visitors monthly, this unique site comes in third place after Twitter. This site is designed for businesses and professionals carrying a classier niche which caters for different business network opportunities. Compared to other social media platforms, Linkedln is available in 20 diverse proses, and also holds a job focal point type of environment.

  1. GOOGLE+

Google Plus Logo 300x146 Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

Surprisingly, this site that had already collected almost 350 million dynamic users, this “neophyte” who just made its way in 2011, is also making an average visit of 150,000,000 every month from various netizens. It also embraces a one of a kind concept which other platforms have never attempted to try. Concepts such as “circles”, where you can gather people together located in different places, and do a selective sharing. Though criticized as intrusive, Google+ still maintains its hype every day from different walks of life.


Pinterest Logo 300x75 Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

Majority of this site’s supporter are women because of its image “pinned” concept on various boards fit for diversified interests. Believe it or not it is extremely popular despite its feminine niche with 140,500,000 viewers and is frequently used in life’s important events such as birthdays, wedding, and many other party themes. Plus, with its inspirational approach this made this site part of the top ten best social media sites.


tumblr inline mq5b19gEvv1qz4rgp 300x201 Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

Originally loved by bloggers, Tumblr has made it on the 6th spot with 125,000,000 people logging monthly. Every blogger since 2013 have been considering this site as a paradise hosting almost 145,000 million blogs worldwide. This platform is different in such a way that it happens to be part of every life story, each and every event that happens to their individual lives are posted here along with a little touch of fashion.


social media strategy 300x200 Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

Holding the 7th spot is a unique site with more than 67,000,000 registered users every month. An image and video social media link, Flickr has uploaded more than 3.5 million images from people every day. Technically used in video enhancement in 2004, this site has figured out what else it can do to cater other people’s needs.

  1. VK

vk com iphone 300x225 Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

Making a name in 8th place is this platform that works like Facebook and is very popular in Russia and Ukraine. With more than 100 million subscribers across the whole Europe and an enormous 65,400,000 monthly users VK which stand for “VKontakte” literally means “InContact”.


instagram 300x139 Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

Another image and photo platform is taking over the 9th position. Similar to Pinterest and Flickr, Instagram is popularly used by people to snap, edit, upload, and share candid moments anywhere and at anytime. With a growing user of 50,000,000 monthly it is obviously a worldwide trend today, having a rare editing feature that is far different from other social media links out there.


one day fly by jaimeibarra d54s6n5 300x240 Top 10 Best Social Media Sites

And finally at number 10 is the most artistic platform and is also an online community designed for artists where they can share and discuss their individual works. DeviantArt is making a name with 35,000,000 users monthly, 25 million registered members and has over 246 million original arts submitted to date.


Categorically, this list is made based on numbers alone where there is still a lot of media links worldwide that will also fit in the top 10. But the fact of the matter is, it is should not be based on numbers or what platform is famous for you to use, it’s actually based on your own personal preference on what fits your style and your personality.


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