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Update for Rhapsody Android app overhauls interface, introduces new features

Users of the Rhapsody music streaming service who listen to their music on the go are in luck. Recently an update for the Rhapsody Android app arrived, bringing an improved, tablet-friendly interface and a bunch of new features.

The biggest improvement for tablet users will be the new interface. More than just a re-sized landscape mode for smartphones, the new interface takes advantage of the larger screen real estate to display playback information and browsing features.

One of the more interesting new additions is the “Replay” feature which is, confusingly, referred to as a beta feature. As you use the app, Replay will remember what songs you played at certain times. Eventually the feature will start suggesting songs to you based on the time of day. Other features introduced include swipe to skip functionality, a new home screen, full screen album art, and a new menu that can be accessed from anywhere within the app.

It doesn’t seem that everyone loves the new app equally. The reviews for the new Rhapsody Android app on its Google Play Store page seem evenly divided between those who love the new features and those who just want the old app back. Multiple reviews mention that the update introduces a lot of bugs, though with so many users on so many devices, it’s hard to tell how many people are encountering these bugs.

Have you tried the updated Rhapsody app yet? What side of the fence are you on: love it or hate it?

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