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Webrooming and Showrooming: How Can You Make the Most of Both?

Webrooming and Showrooming: How Can You Make the Most of Both?

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Retailers and etailers have been facing challenges since the beginning of e-commerce. Initially showrooming was the big challenge. That is when shoppers would come into your brick and mortar store to see the products in person. This allows them to touch, feel, test out, or even try on a product but then would ultimately make their purchase online with another retailer who offered a lower price. Now, a new challenge is that consumers will spend time researching a product online, but then go into a store to make the final purchase. The benefit here for the consumer is the immediacy of purchase and the ability to see it in person to help make the best purchasing decision The key here is to make the most of either situation you may find your business in. The way to do this is to aim to fully understand your customers and the reasons behind their shopping behaviours.

Motivations Behind Webrooming


Webrooming Image Source: Adweek

The first step to solving the webrooming challenge is understanding why your customers would participate in webrooming. An Adweek study revealed the following statistics:


  • 47% of customers who are webroomers don’t want to pay for shipping.
  • 42% want to check an item’s availability online before I purchase it in-store.
  • 23% don’t want to wait for the product to be delivered.

Reasons for Showrooming

46 %

Showrooming Image Source: Adweek

Showrooming has been a challenge for brick and mortar stores since online competition came onto the scene. It is better known that webrooming, which has become a challenge for online retailers recently as brick and mortar stores are working to fight back against the benefits of online shopping. Here are some statistics about showrooming:


  • 46% of showroomer customers say they like to go to a store to touch and feel a product before I but it.
  • 37% like the option of being able to return the item to the store if needed.
  • 26% will ask the store to price match if a better price is found online.

What Can Brick and Mortar Businesses do to Convince Customers to Buy In-Store?

Especially small business and mom & pop retailers have had a problem combatting the competition from online retailers. However, there are some tactics that brick and mortar businesses can do to help shoppers convert and make that purchase in store.


  • Take into consideration the importance of the entire product and shopping experience.
  • Be aware of what your customers hear, see, and smell in your store. Make it a great sensory experience.
  • Encourage testing the products in-store.
  • Cater to the need for immediacy and no shipping charges.
  • Let your shoppers know about your hassle-free returns even. This is especially the case if you are a mutli-channel business with online shopping options. Be clear that they can return online and in-store purchases in your store.
  • However, do your best to avoid returns with quality products, encouraging try-ons and testing, and knowledgeable sales staff.
  • Expert customer service goes a long way toward not only guiding customers to the right purchase, but endearing them to your store and engaging in the retail buying experience.
  • Consider price matching. During the holidays, this can really help early sales when shipping is still an easy option for online shoppers.
  • Make sure your online inventory is accurate to ensure that shoppers who check your inventory online aren’t disappointed when they arrive in the store to purchase.
  • Offer loss-leader pricing to get the customers into the store.
  • Offer free Wi-Fi and encourage customers to research online. This shows confidence in your prices and products.
  • Drive showrooming customers to your store’s website.
  • Merge your customers’ online and offline purchase history for convenience.
  • Create a customer loyalty app instead of using old school retail loyalty options like punch cards, etc.
  • Encourage social engagement while in store.
  • Offer a free gift with an in-store purchase. This can be a promotional gift or branded merchandise that helps to continue to promote your store while still offering a great gift incentive. See Gopromotional  for some amazing promotional product ideas to help with your branding as well as a defense against showrooming.


What Can Online Retailers do to Convince Webroomers to Make Their Purchase Online?

Webrooming is a relatively new problem for online retailers who notoriously had been taking business away from brick and mortars. Now, as retail stores fight back, it becomes a challenge for online retailers who want to combat consumers’ need for immediacy and want of a shopping experience. Here are some tips for online retailers who are facing webrooming challenges:


  • Offer coupons and for your visitors.
  • Offer free shipping or discounted express shipping.
  • Offer in-store pickup with online orders (if your business is multi-channel).
  • Encourage online product reviews so that shoppers can get a sense of what your products look, feel, and smell like without ever seeing them in person.
  • Make sure you have very detailed descriptions and sizing for your products.
  • Make sure that your products always match your detailed descriptions.
  • Utilise state of the art online customer service tools and maintain well-trained chat and phone staff.
  • Offer free gifts with an online purchase. This can also be branded merchandise or a promotional gift item that helps to convert an online purchase while still aiding with branding.


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