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You can now play and pause content on Chromecast with a TV remote


According to several users on the Chromecast Subreddit, and corroborated by TechCrunch, you can now play and pause video content on the Chromecast with your TV remote. This feature makes it significantly easier to control your content without having to use your smartphone for everything.

For those curious, the feature works thanks to HDMI-CEC technology, which is the same protocol that allows the Chromecast to automatically turn on your TV when you want to play a video. Most recent TVs should offer the HDMI-CEC tech, although some may not. It is necessary, however, for the ability to play/pause content with your TV remote, as the Chromecast itself doesn’t have an infrared receiver.

The feature has not yet been officially announced by Google and appears to be rolling out on an app-by-app basis. Currently, it’s supported in YouTube, HBO Go, WatchESPN, Allcast, Google Play Music, TuneIn radio, and Chrome’s built-in web player.

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